Confessions of a Stuffed Olive is the blog of Holly Kench. That’s me! Here you’ll mostly find stories and comics illustrating how poorly equipped I am to function in the real world. Luckily for me, I venture into the real world as rarely as possible. You’ll also find updates about my writing publications, as well as occasional rants about the injustices of the world. Mostly, though, it’s just about a little lost Olive.

Here’s my author bio:

Holly Kench is a writer and feminist, with a classics degree and a fear of spiders. She enjoys writing fantasy and humour, for adults, young adults, and children. Holly seeks stories that contemplate the world as much as books that provide escape, but doesn’t think the two are mutually exclusive. These are the sort of stories Holly tries to write. She is convinced we can change the world through popular culture. Holly writes about her life as a stuffed olive at www.stuffedolive.com.au [You are here!] and manages Visibility Fiction for the promotion and publication of inclusive young adult fiction at www.visibilityfiction.com.

It’s written in third person because apparently that’s the way of these things. When I’m not “being a writer”, you can usually find me wandering car parks, lost and confused, though I also do freelance editing, copy writing, and website management once I’ve made my way home. If you want to hire me to edit your novel, make you a website, or cuddle your cat, you can contact me at the email below. (My cat cuddling services are complimentary)

You can find more of my Olive stories/comics/rants here, and my Non-Olive stuff, including a list of my fiction, here.

If you want to contact me, you can email me at holly [at] stuffedolive [dot] com [dot] au .