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Guess what?! The wonderful, astounding, amazing, glorious, Emily over at Emily’s Tea Leaves has awarded me a Beautiful Blogger Award. That’s right! More blog love. Isn’t it just grand?

That means yet another excuse for me to share some more of the blogs that I follow, read, love and think are just so incredibly beautiful as well!

First of all, according to the Beautiful Blogger guidelines, I’m to share with you 7 random facts about myself. This is surprisingly difficult despite the fact that I blog about myself all the time, but here goes:

1. Right this minute, I am extremely overtired and in need of chocolate. I suspect this post will be riddled with typos as a result.

2. I own the entire David Attenborough DVD boxset and a 17th Century copy of Victor Aurelius’ Roman Histories , but neither of these is my most prized possession – that would be my iPod. All the same, I would probably save the Histories in a fire, even if it meant my iPod was destroyed.

3. Every night before bed I watch 15 minutes of Stargate, or Stargate Atlantis, before listening to an audiobook and EVENTUALLY, sometimes, drifting off to sleep. I now know all the episodes off by heart, except the sad ones, which I skip.

4. My favourite book growing up was Blue Castle by L.M Montgomery, and later The Winter King by Bernard Cornwell. My copy of Blue Castle was a gift to me from my grandmother, who, according to the insert, won it for her class marks in 1942.

5. I own a goldfish named Fatty. He’s awesome, though he could be a she, for all I know.

6. When I drive somewhere with my sister, we like to sing ACDC or Britney Spears at the top of our lungs. Today, to mix it up, we sang along to the soundtrack to Enchanted. We are very, very cool.

7. I can’t start the day without coffee. It is a physical impossibility. Without coffee I am not Holly Kench, nor a Stuffed Olive, I am simply a wandering monster of caffeine-deprived angst. If, for some reason, I am unable to consume coffee within the 30minutes after waking, coffee rage ensues. This is essentially the Stuffed Olive equivalent of turning into the Incredible Hulk.

And FINALLY, here are my Beautiful Bloggers:

1. A Dag’s Life – Kim is a dag, and she writes about it at her blog. She also writes movie reviews and talks about her dog, Evie.

2. Matt Coyle ClothesYvette discusses her adventures in fashion and shares some of her and Matt’s fantastic work. She also writes about other things… including lice.

3. J.M Blackman’s Semi-Educational ReviewsJalissa’s blog is filled with wonderful reviews, author interviews, as well as her awesome flash fiction.

4. Team EarthlingStevie and Luc discuss animal rights and the vegan life, mostly via podcast, but also on their blog.

5. Pretty Rock Designs – Steph takes photos of rocks – they are amazing. She calls it microgeophotography. Her actual blog can be found here, but I wanted to link directly to her artwork.

6. Pip FowerakerPip is a wizard, and he writes things.

7. Tasmania PhotoartHave you looked at my Dad’s incredible photography yet?!


Author: Stuffed Olive

My awesomeness intimidates some people, others just point and laugh.

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  1. You are beautiful beyond measure – but I’m excited to go explore all your beautiful people

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  2. Not a bad birthday present (nearly) from Emily! (And happy that, BTW.)

    Re #3, I do that with Star Treks.

    And one day I want to read a post about why you are a stuffed olive.

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    • HAH! Thanks for the bday wishes, fellow nerd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 I could have guessed you would be a Trekkie, Peter.

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  3. Hey, that’s wonderful, Holly! Congrats, but you totally deserve it. I read your Olive posts on my phone as the mania of getting ready for school/work/uni is escalating, and your blogs always make me feel good, and able to face the day. Keep blgging, beautiful blogger!

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    • OMG! The amazing Corinna has commented on my blog! What excitement! What a thrill!

      THANK YOU!

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  4. Congrats Holly on your Beautiful Blogger award. Very much deserved.
    And a heartfelt thanks for giving me the award. My blog and I feel very beautiful now. *twinkle in eye*
    I’m super impressed you love Stargate so much you watch it every night. And Enchanted is a brilliant movie. You have great taste 😀

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  5. Instead of Stargate, I have a rotation of Howl’s Moving Castle, Spirited Away and Kiki’s Delivery Service. The gentler Miyazaki films are great to drift off to and I quote them even as I pass into unconsciousness.

    My sisters and I sing in our cars, too. But we each have a 15 minute spin of sharing what’s on our playlists lately. We switch out phones to accomplish this. XD

    You’ve got a lovely list of 7 details and I’m happy to have been privy to them. I’m also ecstatic that you chose me. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much. I feel like a total princess. Can’t wait to check out the other 6–especially your dad’s photography. Wonderful!

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