Best Blogs Competition Time

Best Blogs CompDo you love my blog? Do you think it is the best blog in town?

Are you one of my most loyal subscribers? Perhaps you’ve never read my blog before now, but stumbled across it as you hunted for the ultimate crocheted birds’ nest pattern or suggestions for how to handle your school bully. Maybe you don’t really enjoy my blog, but you are my mother and feel pressured to read on.

I don’t really mind how you got here, but while I’ve got your attention, I wonder, just maybe, would you like to vote for Confessions of a Stuffed Olive in the Australian Writers’ Centre Best Australian Blogs 2013 Competition?

It would make me the happiest little Vegemite!

Why should you vote for Confessions of a Stuffed Olive? What’s so good about this blog anyway?

I’m glad you asked. I’ve put together some testimonials about Confessions of a Stuffed Olive:


Confessions of a Stuffed Olive Testimonials:

I cackled like a hyena. – Anna

I’ve read MANY short stories worse than this. – Peter

You are a strange person. – Steph

The email subscription to your blog takes over my inbox and really annoys me. – My sister

Mixed reviews, admittedly, but vote for me anyway.

Please? Maybe?

If you happen to be here because you genuinely enjoy my blog, well THANKS! Please do tell your friends and spread the word. I WANT ALL THE VOTES! (Or even just four. Four would be good too.)

Oh! I nearly forgot the most important bit: You can vote at the Best Australian Blogs site here or by clicking the “Vote For Me” badge at the top of this post. Just tick “Confessions of a Stuffed Olive” and any of the other great Aussie blogs you think deserve a vote, then click Done!

If you are also taking part in the competition, please let me know. Last year I discovered so many wonderful blogs which have since become my regular reads.

Author: Stuffed Olive

My awesomeness intimidates some people, others just point and laugh.

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  1. I’ll vote for you Stuffed Olive because I love you dearly and you make me laugh. I still think Peter’s comment is the most hilarious and priceless ever posted in the entire bloggy world. I wonder if there’s a competition for comments?

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  2. How could I not vote for your blog? It’s totally the best. Note: I expect a slice of cake in the mail for voting…. 😉

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