Disproportionately rage-inducing events.

I like to think that I’m a fairly zen sort of person. I’m able to believe this because I have an experience based competency in self-delusion.

The truth is, I lose my temper pretty easily, but not always over the most expected events. Certain things make me rationally angry, but mostly my anger is induced by more unexpected means, such as hot weather or ugly websites.

There are a few other things, though, that send me into complete, blinding fits of rage. When considered retrospectively, I can see these tantrums might be disproportionate to the causal event.

My top disproportionately rage-inducing events:

When people fail to wave after I give way to them in heavy traffic.

Giving way 1

Giving way 2

 When people knock on my door before 10am.

Pre-10am knocks

When people knock on my door after 10am.*

Post-10am knocks

*I don’t like to be up at the same time as the sun. We have an ongoing feud, because… I hate it.

When my earphones fall out into the dish-water.

Earphones in sink

When there’s no coffee.


But really, I mean… is it that freakin’ hard to replace the coffee after you finish it? IS IT? IS IT?!?!?!


Author: Stuffed Olive

My awesomeness intimidates some people, others just point and laugh.

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  1. I get wave rage too, it is comforting to know I am not the only one.

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  2. 1- I get into a rage when people do not clean up after their pooches – especially at the person who continually allows their pet to soil in front of my front gate.
    2- I also get into a dreadful rage when people park too close to my driveway – when they do this, which is often, I cannot get my car out because I cannot see clearly.
    3 – oh and another – I boil with fury when people stare rudely at me – in future please buy tickets.

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    • I have the driveway problem all the time because I live next to a school. I always want to leave notes on the cars but the students have been known to egg my house before, so I don’t dare.

      PS> I am SURE no one is staring at you!

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    • Ummm. I hope you got some sleep after posting this… I don’t know what else to say. :S

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  3. When frozen slices of bread weld together and choose to break rather than separate.

    These have been known to go flying across the kitchen.

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    • ACK! YES! I hate that. I hate it so much! Sometimes I go hungry just because I can’t face the rage induced by welded bread pieces. One insider tip, though, buy toast not sandwich bread. The thicker pieces are less likely to break.

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