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Dark Fariy Queen Midsummer Night's Dream Contest logoThe Dark Fairy Queen, Anna Meade, is running another of her fantabulous flash fiction competitions. This time she’s calling all writers to enter The Dark Fairy Queen Midsummer Night’s Dream Writing Contest. If you want to try your hand, there’s still a few more days left to enter (deadline August 7) as our great queen extended the deadline for her slackest minions (such as myself), who missed the original deadline.  You can find all the details here: http://www.yearningforwonderland.com/2015/07/dfqmnd.html

This is my entry.


Dreaming Just Enough


I always feel so much. Too much. A bit of everything and sometimes all that nothing. I know I’ve told you a million times before – about the way it collides in my mind, twisting and crashing like trees caught in a tornado. But here’s the thing I haven’t told you: I dream big too. It’s a trade-off, I think. And sometimes I wonder if it might be my superpower. Like, I feel too much, and that lets me dream just big enough.

So I’ve been thinking, maybe that means we could meet sometime?

On a midsummer night (that feels about right, don’t you think?). The humid air would make it impossible to sleep, but I’d drift off anyway, knowing you were on the other side. For you it would be winter, I suppose, and maybe you’d be on the edge of waking, that time when dreams coalesce and magnify with the urgency of nearly-morning. Your toes would be freezing, sticking out from the blanket, but you wouldn’t wake up, not yet, because you’d know I’m coming.

Let’s meet at a bench in the park, okay? We’ll meet and feed the ducks by the pond (if they’re asleep and dreaming too, that is). Would it be winter or summer in our dream, do you think? Night or early morning? That stuff always confuses me. Time zones, I mean. And I reckon they’re even more complicated in dreams.

But let’s do it anyway. We can work out the details when we get there. It’ll be a surprise. We’ll close our eyes and open them again, and the pond will be icy, the ducks all fluffed up from cold; or it’ll be warm and they’ll have their ducklings in tow.

And don’t set an alarm, okay? Because I’d hate if you had to rush off.

I know you’re thinking it won’t work. That I’ve gotten lost in my thoughts again, and maybe you’re right. But maybe, this one time, it’s me who’s right. Maybe I can use my superpower, my feeling too much, dreaming just enough, so we can meet in our dreams. Because I’ve thought about this lots. And, you know, I really think it could work.

So let’s just do it. Let’s meet and talk and hold hands. In our dreams. Just once?

All you have to do is close your eyes. I promise. You don’t even have to jump.



You can read more of the Dark Fairy Queen Midsummer Night’s Dream stories here (http://new.inlinkz.com/view.php?id=542769)!

Author: Stuffed Olive

My awesomeness intimidates some people, others just point and laugh.

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  1. I live my life believing this could really happen… There seems to be such a light veil between here and my dreams, just beautiful!

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  2. Wow. That is perfect. Do you think maybe it could happen.

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  3. Just perfect. All the essence of everything – dreams, whether the nighttime ones or the wishes in life, you have captured it all. I will go to bed tonight, and close my eyes tight and hope to meet you there, on the edge of waking.

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  4. I love dreams and this story is so full of the possibilities of dreams. Beautiful 🙂

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