Meeting the Neighbour.

The other day I met my new neighbour…
Actually, this is pretty much how it goes down whenever I meet any unfamiliar human…

Author: Stuffed Olive

My awesomeness intimidates some people, others just point and laugh.

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  1. >Stuffed Olive, I'm thinking you could take over Cathy Guisewite comics – ironic Liz Lemon influences there. Yvette x

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  2. >I don't think I've told you how impressed I am with the quality of your graphics. The time you must put into all these gorgeous cartoons is much appreciated. So much more work than just taking a picture. Every time you post you make me smile.

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    • Ah! Thanks!
      Well considering they are stick figures in MS Paint… they take signficantly longer to create than they should.

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  3. >Love this!! I can totally imagine this happening. To me. D:

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