Olive Stories

(I’m really slack at updating this page. It is in no particular order, but there are vague categories… enjoy.)


Stuffed Olive Stories

First Loves

First loves

Excuse me, I’m sitting here

Independent Woman

The Fettuccine Conundrum

Glasses, nostalgia and cake*

Lessons in the Art of War

Those were the Days

Mushrooms, the Great All-Rounder?

Parking Problems #2

Social Media Addiction

Something German

Social Media AddictionMemoirs of a Survivor

Grocery Shopping 101

Adventures in Mortein

Because Bushwalking is ‘Fun’


That time with the fish.

Hopefully the Weirdest Flight I ever Experience

Power Out

Stuffed Olive Comics

Waking up.

The Wisdom of Youth

The best laid plans

Poo Biscuits

Grocery Shopping Goes Awry… yet again

Waking up.

Tenant Selection 101

When I grow up…

Gettin’ my nerd on.

Parking Problems

Meeting the Neighbour

Walking for cake.

Socially Awkward x2

Short Olive Outbursts of Oliveness

Flash Fiction, Baby Zombies and a Week without a Computer.

Stuffed Olive’s Frequently Asked Questions

Disproportionately Rage-Inducing Events

The Truth Hurts

“What do you do?”

Stuffed Olive Weird-O-Meter of Car Incidents

I don’t have an overactive imagination. It’s just that I read too many books and watch too much tv.

How to create a crochet bird’s nest

Websites and Rage Times

Surviving in the Slipstreams of Giants.


Winter, or I’m Cold

A Disturbing Turn of Events

A Sort-Of-Apology from Stuffed Olive

Dreams and Aspirations

Last night I dreamt that I was drowned by Vita Sackville-West.

On any given day, this is how my brain works

Olive Angel

Olive Fairy

I’m Awake!

Warning: Cat Lady

Tom the Giraffe

Apologies, People of the Internet (and: The Story of a Pygmy Ladybug who wanted to be a Monkey.)

Todd the Tortoise

Summer, or the Sound of Misanthropy

Author Bios. ACK!

One of These Cats is not Like the Other

Stuffed Olive gets a little bit serious for a moment

Book Recommendation #2: Fallen by Lauren Kate, or In Twilight’s Defence

Where are the English texts about Girls?

Writer, Feminist.

Book Recommendation #3: “The Abused Werewolf Rescue Group” by Catherine Jinks; or A Werewolf’s Coming Out.

Wondering about Mother-Characters

Pretty Little Blind Villain

Why Fight Fate

Book Recommendation #2: Fallen by Lauren Kate, or In Twilight’s Defence


Flash Fiction

Ill-Fated Dreams

Time for Cake

GHOSTS (and the girls who love them)

Flash Fiction, Baby Zombies and a Week without a Computer