On how to make friends with German people.

This month I’ve suffered (caused) surprisingly few awkward social situations. I imagine this is mostly because I’ve had relatively little need to interact with any humans outside my social circle.

The people within my social circle are usually those who are as socially awkward as me. We understand each other. Most importantly, we don’t judge or laugh at each other… usually.

Sometimes, though… well. You’ll remember my friend the Sautéed Mushroom? I think it is fair to say, and she would agree with me completely, that she is nearly as socially inept as a stuffed olive.

In that vein, I made this little comic to illustrate an account of the Sautéed Mushroom’s own adventures in social interaction this week.


Author: Stuffed Olive

My awesomeness intimidates some people, others just point and laugh.

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  1. thankyou olive for depicting my adventure!
    love mushroom x

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    • Thank you for allowing me to publish your adventure on my blog, even if I didn’t really ask your permission. 😀

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  2. Well it’s a step up from “My grandfather killed your grandfather” #dontmentionthewar

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  3. I have so many running commentaries in my brain it’s best not to engage my mouth when confronted with an actual human being. Thankfully encounters are infrequent. Although I sometimes insult all of cyberspace if I’m not careful.
    Is social awkwardness genetic? Or what?
    Thank you for following me on twitter. : ))) louise3anne

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    • I’m pretty sure social awkwardness is contagious. It is best to avoid human contact at all costs if you wish to avoid aggravating the condition. 😉

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