One of these cats is not like the other.

This week I have been staying with my sister. She has a new cat.

The new cat’s name is Marple and she is as sweet as pumpkin pie. Her sweetness makes her quite a contrast to my own beastly creature, but that is only the beginning of their differences.

While my cat uses his scratching pole as one of his many pee places (the others being clean laundry baskets, my bed, and any open drawers), Marple uses her scratching pole to… well, scratch. She never tries to escape and she doesn’t bite. Instead of carrying her food to carpeted areas, she eats over her bowl. She never goes out of her way to vomit in shoes.

When I hug or pat her, she purrs. My cat prefers to claw my face.

After only a few days away, I already miss my puss, but I’m beginning to wonder why.

good cat and evil cat

Except, not really. I secretly love my cat’s evil side, because, of course, we understand each other.

evil olive

Author: Stuffed Olive

My awesomeness intimidates some people, others just point and laugh.

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  1. As I scrolled down to view the rest of the picture I found myself disappointed that there was no sign of wee. This does not happen very often.

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    • I know – you are so right. I’m sorry. I wrote that well after my bed time last night and really didn’t illustrate it *properly*. Bad Olive! Without pee, any depiction of my cat is wildly inaccurate. I spend half my life hunting my unit with a uv torch for hidden, smelly puddles.
      I hope this makes up for your disappointment:
      Once upon a time there was a beautiful pillow until one day a bad cat peed on it

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  2. I just love those evil eyes.

    Re wee, it appeals to my sense of symmetry that Marple’s halo could be replicated *below* the pic of your cat (and possibly filled in).

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  3. Well of course any cat called Marple would be sweet and SENSIBLE. Does she knit at all? In a feline fashion?
    Love from Miss Marple

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