Most of the time, I love the rain.

I love running down to the beach and basking in the magnificence of a downpour. There is something so wonderful about the feel of sand underfoot and water rushing over your face, especially at night.

Thunder storms are even more glorious. I love that moment, the shortest nanosecond that lasts so long, when time stands still and then, as though responding to the build up of your anticipation, thunder claps and lightning lights up the sky.

You know it’s coming when the waves still and the sound and smell of the night envelops you. And then it’s there. You’re part of the storm and the night and the world.

Sometimes, though, my relationship with the rain is less miraculous, particularly if I’m walking home from the supermarket.

Then, it’s just cold and wet.

Author: Stuffed Olive

My awesomeness intimidates some people, others just point and laugh.

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  1. The secret is probably to wear static electricity attractors in your hands when you walk to the supermarket, thus increasing the chances of you getting struck by lightning and transformed into some sort of grocery-based superheroine.

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  2. We have had such wonderful rain lately – I love it too, but I hate getting wet. I like looking at it through a window. xx

    P.s. Get the groceries on line

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    • Good idea. … though when I first read your comment I got confused and thought it said “Get the groceries off the line” and I thought, “oh dear, are they getting wet?” My brain is tired, I think.

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  3. Poor you, Stuffed Olive, that second pic is very sad indeed. Hope there were at least some good treats in the bags to cheer you up when you got home to your olive jar!

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    • Haha… my olive jar! I can’t remember if I had treats… I think I just stumbled into bed when I got home – into the warm.

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  4. When I first looked at your post, I thought you actually conjured up the lightning. Wow! Who knew stuffed olives had such powers?!?

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  5. What is rain? It rings a bell…

    From Snelly in Perth, Wa

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  6. That wet Olive picture is fantastic! I love the contrast.

    I am very sad you and your grocceries got wet though, that is not ok.

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