The best laid plans

Plan for the weekend: Finish all the work you were meant to do through the week.

Do not get distracted by Twitter.

Eat something healthy.

Do not get distracted by Facebook.

Remember to do the dishes.


Do not convince yourself that drawing pictures of life as a stuffed olive is work.

Author: Stuffed Olive

My awesomeness intimidates some people, others just point and laugh.

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  1. Oh, I love this! The level of detail you achieve in Paint it always remarkable, and I was so impressed with the google contne tup on the mini screen. Sheldon hiding from cat videos was also a great touch – all olive fans could feel his disdaine I’m sure.

    Its also a pretty accurate depiction of my weekend – Thats what I love about these comics, the Olive’s failures are funny because I’ve been there, but you make it so amusing

    Well done

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    • Thanks, Kara. I’m sure my highschool art teacher would be as impressed as you. Maybe.

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  2. I find that in any 24 hour period I have precisely enough focus to:

    A. Use Facebook
    B. Accomplish something relevant.

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  3. So good to get another blog post from you!

    Facebook, Twitter, etc are all delicious, delicious drugs. So tasty! And so easy! You just inject them directly into your brain.

    “Look”, I cry, pounding away at the keyboard like an electrocuted bear, “I have friends! We share things!”

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    • Haha!

      That’s an awesomely vivid image! Love. I’m injecting it into my brain as we speak. … type.

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  4. Can you please make a whole other blog, just for your Twitter-themed comics??!

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