The Liebster Blog Awards

Yay! The other day the lovely Kim at “A Dag’s Life” named this little blog among her Liebster Blog Award picks. I’m so flattered: first of all that a stranger is reading my blog, second of all that they like my blog, and third of all that they mentioned my blog on their own in such a lovely way.

For those who don’t know, the Liebster Blog Awards are basically chain letters of love for baby-bloggers. It’s all about sharing links and love to your favourite sites (at least those with under 200 followers). It’s an awesome way to discover other new blogs out there. Yes, that’s right, a new form of procrastination – just for you!

So what are my Liebster Blog Award picks, you ask?

Well, I had a list of about 15, but have narrowed it down to the following five, all for very different reasons: (Oh, so this is in no particular order)


1. Neon Beanie: because I would follow Neon Beanie’s writing off a cliff.

2. If my life was a food magazine: because her posts always make me hungry and I want to encourage more frequent posting… (are you listening? More foodage please!)

3. Epi[s]cene – a site for gender: because they make me think and laugh and say “yeah, totally, you are SO right!”

4. Emily’s Tea Leaves: because even though she has over 200 followers on Twitter, she’s got less than that on her site, so that counts, right?! Plus, it’s a really good blog about writing and reading. (You might even catch a guest post of mine on there shortly!)

5. Tasmania Photoart: because it seemed like time for a little nepotism, and my Dad’s photos rock.

And this also seems like a pretty good time to say: go check out “A Dag’s Life”! I feel that we think alike, though the greatness of our minds may be under question.  (No offense Kim)

Author: Stuffed Olive

My awesomeness intimidates some people, others just point and laugh.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! I’m not offended. But the saying is: GREAT minds think alike. Obviously we must be great then! Well, at least in our own daggy and stuffed olive kind of way….
    PS Your pic does look like you are trying to pull up your pants lol.

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    • It really does, right?! It has been a bit of a week of terrible illustrations. Did you see my pic of “werewolves” in the last post – hopeless. I think I’m losing my mojo.

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  2. Thanks for the love holly! I want to hear more about this novel you’re writing.

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  3. Thank you lovely! So appreciated. you’ve guilted me into breaking my hiatus and uploading more yummy food for your enjoyment. Must try to be a better blogger, and a better blogging citezen

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