The Secret Life of a Zombie Fan – Extract

The Secret Life of a Zombie Fan

Holly Kench


“Shit,” my sister muttered as she pulled her boyfriend through the front door and slammed it shut. “Grab the bags, Harper. It’s happening.”

“What’s happening?” I asked, irritated by her tone of voice. It was hardly the greeting I expected after she had been away for two weeks. I hadn’t seen another human for days, having decided to write off social contact in favour of getting some work done. I’d been looking forward to some sister bonding and a Resident Evil marathon on her return. Instead she turned up with bossy, cryptic orders.

“The apocalypse.” Ellie threw her arms in the air.

“Don’t be a dick,” I said.

In response, she pulled open the front blind. “Take a look, Harper, and then get a move on.”

She was right. Outside my window were four zombies, walking stiltedly yet determinedly towards my front door.

“What the—”

“Yes, exactly,” said Ellie. “So grab the fucking bags and let’s go.”

Watching the zombies approach, I wasn’t surprised. I was horrified, even a little exhilarated; but I wasn’t surprised. Ellie and I had always suspected the zombie apocalypse would one day eventuate.

We’d never been convinced about vampires. The idea that a group of super-human anaemics were living in castle basements never seemed plausible. Zombies, on the other hand… We would have put money on someone, somewhere, messing around in a lab with a virus that would eventually lead to the downfall of the human race.


The rest of “The Secret Life of a Zombie Fan” is available as part of the In Fabula-Divino anthology, edited by Nicole Murphy and published by eMergent Publishing, which is available for purchase at Amazon and Smashwords.