The truth hurts.

A few days ago one of my more blunt friends asked me what had happened to my forehead.

What's wrong with your face?

Initially I couldn’t work out what she was talking about. I suspected she was perhaps referring to some unsightly pimple that had popped up overnight, or maybe my human mask was falling off and she could see my scales.

I checked in the mirror and remembered the cause of the small scar and not so small dent on my forehead, usually hidden by my fringe.

I thought about lying.

I really did.

But in the heat of the moment my imagination kept coming up with more and more implausible scenarios.

So I told the truth, “I smashed my head into a door handle during an intense game of hide-and-seek with the cat.”

The cat did it.

Author: Stuffed Olive

My awesomeness intimidates some people, others just point and laugh.

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  1. When I was about…17? 18?…my brother was annoying me and turned to walk away and dropped his pants. exposing his bare behind. As one does when confronted with such a sight I decided such insolence should not go unpunished. Accordingly, I launched into a flying front kick..however, I had failed to take into account that he was standing just through a doorway. As I was 6’2″ the lintel was at exactly the wrong height and cracked me across the top of my forehead. I fell to the ground clutching my head and laughing uncontrollably, and he came over and started laughing too. Suddenly, I felt this hot, wet sensation flooding through my fingers – anyone who has had a scalp wound knows how they bleed completely out of proportion to their seriousness. We stopped laughing, and stared at each other – then simultaneously started laughing hysterically again!

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    • Our stories are IDENTICAL! …if your brother were a cat, and your act of revenge were an innocent game of hide-and-seek…

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  2. Foreheads open up like volcanoes when you hit them hard enough! It’s really messy. My kids had damaged foreheads before they were even 2. Fortunately I’ve never been nominated for mother of the year so didn’t have to rock up with the poor disfigured things in tow. 😉

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    • OH dear! Hahaha. I hope they weren’t in childcare at the time. Explaining that sort of thing can never be any fun, and people don’t seem to understand that toddlers find throwing themselves from high places to be the most exciting thing in the world. Weeeeee. (strange little critters)

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  3. You realise the cat planned the whole thing don’t you?

    My daughter once landed forehead first on the spiked top of the concrete dragon we have sitting by the front door. That was messy. Think she was 3 at the time, daycare didn’t even blink, she’d had a semi-permanent bruise/dent/scab in the middle of her forehead since she could first walk. Pebblecrete driveways are not kind to toddlers.

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    • Oh my goodness! Poor little munchkin. :O

      (and yes, the cat fully planned the whole thing… beast)

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  4. I once came downstairs to find my seven year old having a very enthusiastic game of “hide under a quilt and go careening through the house blind” with her two year old brother. Needless to say, this particular genius idea did not have good results. My son still sports a scar on his forehead from the corner of the piano. At the time it bled so profusely you’d have thought he sliced an artery open. Very scary stuff…though ridiculous and funny in retrospect.

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    • Oh dear. Oh dear. ALL THESE POOR CHILDREN. Why don’t we put them in bubbles and never let them out??? …oh wait.

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  5. Wow, foreheads love to bleed is what I gather from this thread. Thanks for yet, another entertaining story with photos. Can you ask your friend where she got that lovely purply-blue top, I’ve been looking for one everywhere!

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    • I know right?! It is so lush. I like how the purply-blue works with the triangle fit. I’m guessing she got it at Big W, honestly.

      I’m getting a very “In defense of my child’s mangled forehead” sort of vibe from the thread. :S I’m starting to wonder if there are any un-scarred foreheads out there. Anyone? Anyone?

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      • Mine’s ok, but only because my forehead trauma story only involves blacking out, not bleeding all over the place. I was playing chasings with my younger, and therefore shorter, cousins at a park with amazing pine log forts and play equipment all over the place. I was “it” and was in hot pursuit of one of said cousins when he ran under a bridge between forts. I have the most vivid memory of connecting with the pine log and of lying on my back with the world all blurry, but not of the bit in between those two things. My children think this story is hysterically funny.

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