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The Best Australian Blogs 2012 Competition, People’s Choice Award is now open for voting!

I’m not entirely sure what possessed me to enter this part of the competition, especially considering that I have a regular readership of only four, one of whom is ineligible to vote, because he is a cat. I also doubt that he would lower himself to the level of voting anyway, particularly as I usually force him to read my posts in exchange for food. (Now now, before you get all up in arms about animal cruelty, you should know that he forces me to pat him in exchange for not eating my face in the night).

… I feel like I may have digressed. Where was I?

Oh right. So, I only have three human readers. All the same, you three (yes, you, you, and you) do exist and you should vote for me!

Why should you vote for me?

1. Because you like my blog.

2. Because I made that picture of me doing a handstand just for YOU. (And no, I can’t do handstands in real life, but that probably goes without saying).

3. If you need a third reason, I don’t even think you should be allowed to vote! Huff.

What do you have to do?

1. Vote for me!

You can do this by clicking here, the Olive picture above, or the Best Australian Blogs voting badge below. If that vast range of options caused you to panic, just click: THIS.

This blog is listed, unsurprisingly, under “Confessions of a Stuffed Olive”. You need to tick the box next to that, then click ‘next’ a few times until you get the option to fill in your details and eventually click the last button ‘done’. It’s easy, I promise. Don’t stress. I know forms can be terrifying, but with these instructions I have faith that you will prevail.

2. Tell everyone!

There might only be three of you, but, if you all tell everyone you know, we can create some kind of magical domino effect like that movie with the kid who can see dead people but instead is using his powers to “change the world”, or like the Chart in the “L Word”. (We can do that with my blog!).

So onwards, my beloved readers! Vote now! It’s time to change the world one stuffed olive at a time!


Author: Stuffed Olive

My awesomeness intimidates some people, others just point and laugh.

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  1. Hello there Stuffed Olive!
    The great thing about this Best Aussie Blogs comp is I get to discover a whole new world of blogs. Glad to have stumbled across your funny blog. Love the stuffed olive pics heehee. Will continue reading πŸ™‚

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    • Hi Kim!
      Isn’t it the best?! (the comp, that is!) I’ve been following the twitter hash tag (#bestblogs2012) with increasing excitement. SO many blogs to read! SO much fun to be had!
      I’m exploring your blog right now, and really enjoying it! I just got caught in capture hell in an attempt to comment on a post about your beautiful dog Evie. .. it turns out that it wanted me to write the words “torifity tylend”. Honestly, shouldn’t the ‘words’ requested be actual words?! Stupid captures.
      I love your mini version of the Lindt Gold Bunny car. It made me laugh.

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      • Stuffed Olive, totally with you on feeling excited about discovering blogs I would have never found normally if it weren’t for the Best Aus Blogs comp, including your little gem here. I will definitely throw in a vote for you. Go Stuffed Olive!!!! πŸ™‚
        Sorry to hear you got stuck in capture hell. Are you sure it was the stupid capture or were you boggled by Evie’s eyes? She has a tendency to make you stop functioning. Evil dog.
        Thanks for exploring my blog. I’ve been exploring yours too and to be honest, every Stuffed Olive pic makes me laugh. I have no idea how you draw those pictures or how long they would take (I assume ages) but they are AWESOME!!

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        • Hehe! It is quite possible that I was hypnotised by Evie’s eyes, but I can’t believe for a second that she’s evil!

          I had already put in my votes for all the blogs I follow on the first night when I became caught up in all the excitement, so I rang my sister and mother today, and coerced them into voting for both you and me! Haha. My sister wants your dog.

          I’m glad the pictures make you laugh because they take FOREVER! (which is really quite crazy since they are only stick figures) Originally, I only added the pictures to brighten up my stories with some colour, but the pictures seem to have taken on a life and following of their own…

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          • Thanks for roping your family into voting for me! You’re too kind. I will try to recruit my peeps to vote for you.
            I can add your sister to the long list of people who are down to look after Evie if my hubby and I ever go away. Please apologise to your sis as chances of her ever looking after Evie are very slim.
            Totally can see how such “simple” pictures take ages. They’re surprisingly detailed. I’m boggled about how you draw them. But worth all the effort because they’re soooo cute πŸ™‚

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  2. Oh! you made a picture of you doing a handstand just for ME! About to emotionally blackmail everyone I know into voting – becuase I am way more of a fan than your cat is.

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    • You are certainly a bigger fan than the cat. And your desire to emotionally manipulate your friends fills me with a sense of love and adoration! Thank you!

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        • *you’re… oh god (Hangs head in shame)

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            • Thank you, I know bad grammar makes you die a little…

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              • It does, but we all do it sometimes. Typos happen. I did a there/their one the other day. *cries*

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                • I think I should promise myself to never read back over any tweets I post after 10pm, there’s nearly always some hideously humiliating typo lurking there to quash my morning cheer.

                  Who am I kidding? I have no morning cheer to quash.

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                  • Oh Mim! Hah! But you have bunnies! That is all cheer all day everyday BUNNIES!

                    I seriously think that twitter is the worst for my writing. 140 characters means that I have started to automatically spell any form of you’re/your as just ‘your’ because it’s shorter….

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