Walking for cake.

The possibility of running into casual acquaintances is the most stressful thing about leaving the house.

Sadly, I believed this exchange went well until I thought back on it later.

Author: Stuffed Olive

My awesomeness intimidates some people, others just point and laugh.

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  1. Well it wasn’t THAT bad; you offered her your half eaten cake, which was kind…especially as she appears to one of those insufferable, weight wielding power-walkers!

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  2. Haha…I have had too many encounters like this. I am the queen of the uncomfortable casual encounter.

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  3. Sentiment endorsed. But it could have been worse: you could have offered your acquaintance some of the cake from your face.

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  4. Thanks you guys. Yeah, this was probably a lot less embarrassing than 90% of my other human interactions.

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